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Make your customers love YOU.

The best interactive customer loyalty solution for restaurants, cafes, and other small to medium businesses. To get your customers to come back more, pay more, and attract new ones faster. For more customer retention!

What will Boonus give you, Besides loyalty?

Increase your customer base and their happiness with the best loyalty solution out there. “Boonus” provides you with points programs, levels, stamps cards, frequent visits, gift cards, a direct communication channel with them, and much more. Which makes Boonus a slick and super-efficient solution to ensure your customers return and their satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

Loyalty features with boonus
  1. Points Collection System
  2. Visits Collection Programs
  3. Gift Cards
  4. Personalized Rewards
  5. Customer Management
  6. Private Rating & Feedback
  7. Tracking & Analysis
  8. And Much More

acquire customers effortlessly!

Encourage Word-Of-Mouth referrals and attract new customers! With your own interactive loyalty program today, and reward existing customers for telling their friends about you.

  1. Business Page
  2. Customer Management
  3. Branches & Locations
  4. Points Expiration Period
  5. Branded Loyalty Programs
  6. Multiple Rewards Types
  7. Messaging & Notifications
  8. Assigning Rewards
  9. Onboarding & Support
  10. Data Privacy & Terms
  11. Transactions History
  12. Ecommerce & Integrations
  13. And More ...

How powerful is the Boonus dashboard?

You are the boss here. Modify every aspect of your program the way you want smoothly. With no technical knowledge required. And of course, we will help you along the way for better engagement from your customers.

Loyalty organize your business with Boonus
Boonus loyalty solutions can do more than ...

And we will help you achieve even better than that!


Faster return from your customers


Higher spending from your customers


New referrals from your customers

Loyalty and love for local businesses with boonus

#SupportLocal & get rewarded for it!

Support Local brands and start collecting points & registering your visits to get exclusive rewards, gifts, offers, and special discounts from your favorite local brands! Get treated the way you should be 👑

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Boonus loyalty solutions operate smoothly as 1, 2, 3, and 4

How does it work

Create & Personalize ⚡️🎨

Your programs from your desk with our dashboard.

Attract & Aqcuire 📢🧲

Customers to join your loyalty program anywhere.

Record & Give 🤜 🤛

From your branch with our cashier application or your PoS.

Analyze & Repeat 📈 🎯

Analyze & improve your business results with data you own.

Get additinal training sessions for free at your place to create the best loyalty experience for happier and more engaging customers


Does Boonus loyalty play with others?

Boonus is growing rapidly & smart enough to stand alone, but we can play with others too. Integrate our solutions with your daily tools to improve your customer loyalty and satisfaction, also keep you staff in one line as well as your transactions 😎


Absolutly we are working on more tools and integrations.

loyalty work with your flow and apps

Amazing partners are enjoying what Boonus promised

F6or Faris

“We tried talking to many loyalty programs companies here in Saudi and outside too. But we never found what we were looking for. Boonus understand our need for an interactive loyalty solution to reward our best customers based on the number of visits, the total amount of spending, birthdays, and much more. And right now, we will use them as our CRM plus loyalty program for all of our branches”
~ Faris Alturki

and other partners too …

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loyalty partner with boonus 07
loyalty partner with boonus 02
loyalty partner with boonus 08
loyalty partner with boonus 03
loyalty partner with boonus 09
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