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About Boonus

Bonus is a local tech-marketing company -also considered as a FinTech startup- that understands you and your needs to promote your business. We love supporting and helping local businesses by providing them with powerful interactive loyalty solutions and customer relationship management programs to make sure their customers are HAPPY, ALWAYS.

We invented BOONUS, where we help restaurants, cafes, and other retailers to have their own loyalty solutions, saving consumers time and effort to join those programs easily while protecting their data privacy.

P.S. we don’t have cards, papers, or other forms. This is the Digital Age, after all.

Boonus, our name for partners

Double Os, to double your revenue and add another 0 to your sheets

Boonus, our name for shoppers

Double Os, to double your bonuses and remove another 0 to your receipt

On a serious mission to …

Turn transactions into a beneficial relationship for both businesses and their customers by providing creative and digital ways to grow customer retention with exclusive promotions.

Boonus Mission
Boonus Vision

… Reach a bright vision

Delighting business’s customers with a personalized and joyful purchasing experience everywhere

Boonus Team

a technical & marketing team with you all the way, a Boonus team.

We are based in Saudi Arabia and we have a high spirit and creative ideas, to help you whenever you need us. Whether for basic technical support or for modern marketing ideas for loyalty programs to grow your customer base and grow your sales.

Loyalty and love for local businesses with boonus

#SupportLocal & get rewarded for it!

Support Local brands and start collecting points & registering your visits to get exclusive rewards, gifts, offers, and special discounts from your favorite local brands! Get treated the way you should be 👑

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