How To Use Customer Feedback To Develop Your Brand?


No matter what field your brand is active on. Your first goal is to provide the best services to your customers and make them comfortable when dealing with you. This will make them feel loyal to your brand and even suggesting your services to their acquaintances. As we know that existing customers are the primary source of income for your brand. As a result, caring for and maintaining them will definitely increase your profit rate. The thing that will definitely help you in developing your services is listening to customer feedback. Listening to your customers’ evaluations and reactions will let you know the things that attract their attention to your brand. Alongside the other things that make their experience bad. This will enable you to act and develop your services in a way that suits your customers. And this will push them to deal with you again.

In this post, we will learn how you can benefit from customer feedback in developing your services.

What is customer feedback?

Let’s start first by defining customer feedback. It is all comments and notes that your customers provide to you about their experience with your services or products.

Of course, we cannot say that all of these reactions and feedback will be positive towards your brand. But whatever its nature; it is useful to you – especially the negative ones – in knowing your customers’ satisfaction level with your products. It also helps you to know your brand’s success in meeting customer expectations and the success of your marketing campaigns. Negative feedback also tells you what you must improve to satisfy customers and make your brand more unique.

Listening to your customer feedback helps you develop and improve your services and products to suit customers. This will make their experience with your brand good and help you retain them and win them as permanent customers. And they will contribute to increasing your profits and making your brand famous and successful among your competitors.

How to collect and organize your customer feedback?

Before we talk about how to collect and evaluate feedback. Allow us to draw your attention to the fact that these responses are not insults of your brand; even if it appears to be. Therefore, you should wait a little while reading and evaluating it. Don’t take it personally, and don’t get offended by it. Because its aim is always to inquire about the satisfaction level of your customers and to identify the things that you should develop.

You can collect customer feedback in many creative ways to help you study their opinions about your services or products.

1. Polls and surveys:

You can do both traditional and popular surveys. This method is based on asking a set of questions preferably short) to your customers to inquire about the quality of your services or products and to hear their opinions about their experiences with your brand. You can send these surveys to your customers via email or by requesting them directly from your site. This method helps you to collect detailed information about your customers and their feedback accurately and know your shortcomings (if any).

2. Direct Feedback Box:

This method is rather straightforward. You can put a box at the bottom of your website or in your app, or you can also place it on the Contact Us page where you allow your customers to write their feedback directly and send them to you without leaving your site. This method is easy and simple and enables you to collect a lot of reactions quickly as it does not affect the customer’s experience with your site or application.

3. Ratings:

They are found everywhere, and without a doubt, you may have seen them in most applications, and websites such as Google Play, which displays them at the bottom of all apps and allows the customer to rate them from 1 to 5 while giving a comment about their experience. You can use it in your store application and measure the level of your customers’ satisfaction with your services. It is also used as a testimony about the quality of your services and products.

4. Contact them directly:

You can also use the traditional method by contacting your customers directly and talking to them to inquire about their suggestions for your brand. And to know how happy they are with your services and what are their observations. You can send them e-mails, make calls with them, or even interview them face to face to collect their reactions and benefit from them.

How to benefit from customer feedback?

We had previously explained why your customer feedback are important to your brand and why you should not neglect them and make sure to communicate with your customers and collect their comments and suggestions.

Your customers’ reactions are the cornerstone and your guide to the special experience for them, and listening to your customers will definitely help you develop your services to suit their needs. We’ll summarize the most important benefits that customer feedback can provide for you.

1. Help you know what to develop in your products or services:

Knowing your customers’ needs is good and helps you provide them with the best services and products. But unless your customers try your products and give you feedback and reviews about them, your information about their needs will always remain somewhat incomplete.

Your customers’ feedback gives you a roadmap and guides you into knowing the customer’s experience and the errors (which you likely did not see) that they encountered when trying your product. In addition to the features that impressed the customer. In this way, these responses give you the opportunity to develop the service or product to suit your customers and meet their aspirations, and in this way, they will help you to grow and increase the number of your customers.

2. Customer feedback helps you to measure their level of satisfaction:

Who told you that pleasing people is an unrealistic goal? This rule is untrue in the field of marketing. This is because customer satisfaction and loyalty to your services are one of the most important factors that you must focus on if you want to develop your business and increase your profits. Studies have shown that there is a close relationship between the satisfaction and loyalty of your customers and increasing income and keeping them in the long term. Therefore, you should always listen to the reactions of your customers and the extent of their satisfaction with your services and products, and that you always try to develop them to their satisfaction.

3. Listening to your customer feedback helps you improve their experience:

Have you ever had a bad experience with some brand? You certainly decided not to return to it again. That bad experience affected how you see that brand and affected its reputation. It is difficult for us to go back to any place after going through a bad experience in it. Therefore, customers’ feedback help you to know their views on your services and products and how their experiences were with them, and this will help you improve your services to make their experience with you more special and to ensure their return and making them a permanent customer. Do not neglect to listen to your customers and know their experiences.

4. Help you retain your existing customers:

We always hear that keeping an existing customer and getting them to buy again is a lot less expensive than attracting a new customer. Not only that, the buying rate of your existing customers is much more compared to new customers. We can say that an increase in the customer retention rate raises profits from 25-95%, which is a significant proportion. By listening to the evaluations and reactions of your customers, you will gain insight into what satisfies and appeals to them in your services and vice versa, and when providing services that appeal to your customers, you will ensure that they will buy from you again.

Also, listening to your customers makes them feel appreciated and that you care for them, and this also will push them to deal with you again and even recommend your services to their acquaintances.

Customer retention with Boonus

5. It gives you an insight into your customers’ needs and helps you attract new customers:

As we said earlier, you may invest a lot of time and resources in studying the needs of your potential customers and tracking their journey to better target them. Analytics will help you a lot, whether on Google or social media platforms. But let us tell you that the most important source for knowing your customers’ needs and aspirations and investing them in bringing in new customers lies in your listening to the reactions of your current customers and acting according to them. Your customers’ reactions give you an idea of what your customers want and expect from your services and products. It also helps you build the buyer persona in a more effective way, which will enable you to know the needs of potential customers and meet them.

Customers' reactions with Boonus


Finally, we can say that it is important for you to start building strategies to collect customer feedback, evaluate it, and act accordingly. Because this will ensure that you meet the needs of your customers and increase their level of satisfaction and loyalty and maintain it over the long term. It will also contribute to making their experience with your products and services outstanding, which makes them recommend them to their acquaintances and friends. This is what we seek in Boonus to make your customers’ experience unique by providing loyalty program solutions to increase and maintain the loyalty of your customers.



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