How To Increase Clients And Sales With Happy Hour Strategies

Happy Hour with Boonus
On December 12, 2020


Let’s be honest for a moment. Your place may be successful and famous. But even the largest places go through sluggish hours when the place is empty of customers, and even some workers who think that it is not necessary to come during those periods. (Don’t get mad at them, they are right sometimes.) Sure, you have tried some strategies to fill the hours of boredom in your place, but most of the time nothing seems to work. This is where the big savior “Happy Hour” comes in. In this article, we will talk about the concept of happy hours and give you some strategies that you can apply to turn slack hours in your place into happy hours.

What does happy hour mean?

The term Happy Hours is used frequently in restaurants, cafes, or clubs. This term includes the strategies that are used to increase the number of customers and attract them by offering additional services and products during certain hours of the day. For example, restaurants that use the happy hour strategy offer additional dishes upon request or make discounts during the recession hours they go through. This is done to increase the interest of customers during these hours and to convert them into happy hours for the restaurant and the customer.

These strategies may also include holding shows or events inside your restaurant. Perhaps preparing food and drinks in front of customers in the form of an art show or hosting a famous person to perform in your restaurant. All of these strategies fall under the category of happy hour. The aim of it is to increase the number of customers coming to your restaurant during those particular hours, increase income, and strengthen your brand.

Happy Hour with Boonus

Why the happy hour strategies?

As we said before, happy hour strategies are very useful for your place. You might think that the only gain from it is an increase in customers but let me tell you that this is not the only one. As it has been observed in studies that 46% of customers are attracted to the lower prices during happy hours in restaurants. In the same study, 41% of customers found that happy hours were the reason they returned to the same place at other hours.

Happy Hour also helps you present your restaurant well and your values to potential customers. In addition, happy hour helps you increase your sales and the number of visitors in recessions that have always been a nightmare for all places. In a study conducted on one of the Starbucks stores, it was found that the number of visitors increased to 11% in the happy hour. Those hours were between 2 pm to 7 pm, which are the hours that have always been slack hours in several restaurants.

Additionally, implementing happy hour strategies in restaurants will help you to strengthen and build a brand that is known to your potential customers. And also to shine among your competitors with your wonderful services and products.

Therefore, even if you see that the number of revenues will be little in happy hours, don’t let this prevent you from adopting these strategies to increase the number of customers and increase the popularity of your place and shine among competitors.

Tips to organize happy hour strategies:

1. Choose the happy hour wisely:

You shouldn’t put happy hours randomly. You should always study your place and your customers and know the best hours to develop your strategy. Review your work hours, know the peak hours and the slow hours, and face the latter by putting happy hours in them. Also, do not forget that it is always better for you to set these hours on specific days and don’t change them very often because this will harm your strategy.

2. Provide a unique experience for your customers:

Happy hours shouldn’t only include discounts on products. Rather, you should provide a unique experience while visiting your restaurant. These experiences may vary between preparing food or drinks in front of customers in artistic ways, presenting food to them in an unusual way, or providing new menus specifically for happy hours … Be creative and try everything that comes to your mind to make your customers’ experience special.

3. Provide the perfect price:

When doing a happy hour strategy, your first goal may be to increase sales, as we said earlier. But don’t let this be at the expense of your restaurant’s profits. Plan happy hours intelligently and offer good discounts to your customers so that happy hours are happy for you and your customers. Lower the prices of products that have a high-profit margin and make your customers flock to them.

You can also focus on products that are experiencing a recession and reduce their prices or add them to other successful products you have to ensure a balance in the sales process.

4. Target your regular customers better:

You should always consider your regular customers’ orders and suggestions. When implementing the happy hour strategies, make sure you always listen to your regular customers, and provide them with what they want in those hours to increase their eagerness. Not only that but listening to your customers will help you attract new customers and increase your popularity among them.

5. Use digital marketing campaigns to attract customers:

We always say this. You may have the best place that offers the best services among your competitors. But if no one knows about it, don’t expect it to succeed. The same happens for special and well-designed happy hours, but sometimes they lack good marketing and this is what leads to their failure. So you should always know how to market your happy hours.

Use social media to your advantage and try to be active on the platforms your customers use to reach them. Or if you have their emails or numbers, send them messages informing them about your offers, discounts, and happy hours. You can also use our Boonus solution to help you provide premium loyalty programs and happy hours and inform your regular customers whenever any of them are available in your store.


In conclusion, it can be said that happy hours are one of the best strategies to attract customers in slack hours and turn them into peak hours. These strategies are implemented through discounts and special offers for that specific time. Its goal is to attract the largest number of customers, so do not forget to apply it to convert your slack hours into happy hours for you and your customers.

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