The 5 Best Coalition Loyalty Programs in Saudi Arabia

On March 17, 2021

Customer loyalty programs have become very popular in recent years in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. This was due to the fact that they are effective in increasing customer loyalty to your brand. In addition to that, it helps to increase your customers’ lifetime value (CLV) or how much they spend regularly. Designing successful loyalty programs also helps increase your brand awareness and popularity. In this article, we will show you the top 5 examples of successful coalition loyalty programs in Saudi Arabia. And some ideas that you can apply in your own program to make it unique.

What’s a coalition loyalty program

As its name indicates. In this program, coalition or cooperation happens between more than one brand. Where they cooperate in giving and redeeming points and rewards between them. Where the customer can gain points in one place and redeem those points with other brands. This program is successful in maintaining customers and gaining their loyalty by offering rewards opportunities. Which the customer can obtain after purchases from any of the cooperating companies. This program also helps your brand expand its client base, besides creating opportunities for collaboration between brands. This program also helps you increase your brand’s popularity among different customer segments.

We now turn to some examples of the most famous loyalty programs in Saudi Arabia that adopt this principle.

1. Qitaf Loyalty Program by stc:

It is a customer loyalty program by stc. You can subscribe for free and start collecting Qitaf points by paying phone bills. Points can be exchanged for a range of rewards. Whether they are internal rewards such as free minutes, messages, data, or external rewards through Qitaf partners.

The Qitaf Loyalty Program is also a coalition program between several companies. You can also earn or pay with points with Qitaf external partners such as restaurants, cafes, and others. The program also depends on the principle of levels Tamayouz, where your rewards can change and improve as you advance through different levels (normal – gold – platinum – diamond).

Qitaf customer loyalty program in Saudi Arabia

2. Tedallal Program:

Tedallal Program is a rewards program from Alawwal Bank and it is considered one of the most successful loyalty programs in Saudi Arabia. It is a points program based on awarding points to the customer upon any dealings with the bank. In it, the customer gets points when opening current accounts or issuing bank cards or credit cards. These rewards are also exchanged at the bank or at one of its partners, such as restaurants and various stores, to obtain discounts and free products according to the number of points.

Tedallal one of the best loyalty programs in Saudi Arabia

3. JANA Rewards:

JANA Rewards is one of the easiest and simplest loyalty programs in Saudi Arabia. It is based on the principle of paying more to get more points. The program is offered by Banque Saudi Fransi and guarantees points for any dealings with it. It also enables the customer to obtain various rewards such as products and various purchase vouchers at several partners, including the Qitaf program that we mentioned previously or Jarir Bookstore. The principle of coalition helps the JANA program to shine and increase its popularity. Its ease also increases the number of customers interacting with it and that stay loyal to the brand. And this will increase the rate of customer retention for a longer period.

This program also enables participants to donate their points and rewards to charities, which strengthens customers’ relationship with the brand and increases their sense of satisfaction with it and towards themselves.

JANA Rewards one of the best loyalty programs in Saudi Arabia

4. ALFURSAN membership program:

ALFURSAN membership is a loyalty program offered by Saudi Airlines. Easy program in terms of the registration process, earning points, and redeeming them. The program applies the two principles of cooperation and the principle of different levels according to the points obtained. Customers who are registered in the ALFURSAN program enjoy many benefits and services, including free trips and increases in travel degrees. Plus, free increases in luggage weight, priority on the waiting list, and more. And with Saudi Arabia joining the “SkyTeam” airline alliance, ALFURSAN members can now obtain reward miles and redeem them through the SkyTeam network. This program also enables those who benefit from points in other programs of partners, such as JANA Rewards, to benefit from the advantages offered by Saudi Airlines.

Alfursan membership

5. Jarir Reward Program:

A program that integrates the principle of a coalition with several loyalty programs in Saudi Arabia. This program gives the participating customers points for every purchase from the bookstore and the ability to exchange them for discounts and free products. Not only that, but the customer can also redeem the various points that he gets in other loyalty programs, including the previous loyalty programs that we mentioned. This cooperation helped Jarir company to increase popularity and increase its brand awareness in addition to making the customer experience distinctive when subscribing to it.

Jarir Bookstore Discounts


Finally, we can say that the coalition programs help your brand to stand out, expand the class of your potential customers, and target a larger class. This program also helps increase the popularity of your brand, especially if the collaboration is with famous and popular brands. As we mentioned 5 examples of the best loyalty programs in Saudi Arabia, you can also apply the ideas of these programs and mark your brand. We at Boonus platform provide the best solutions for attractive and successful loyalty programs with your customers.

We also provide around the clock support and training for your employees on dealing with the platform and how to market the loyalty programs for customers. Apply now and take advantage of the many benefits we offer. And help your brand shine among the competitors with Boonus’s help.

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